Refashions #7: Aqua Spring/Summer Toddler Dress from a Ladies Skirt

My next project was another little sundress. So, I took this skirt:

What you can’t see is that I had already started cutting the bodice pieces from the other side of the skirt before I realized that I hadn’t taken a before picture, again!

and turned it into this little sundress:

Size 3 (toddler)

After cutting the bodice pieces from the upper part of the skirt, I pieced the bodice together. I made the straps from the skirt’s decorative waistband. Then, I sewed the bodice together, including the front of the straps in between the front of the bodice and the facing. Lastly, I top-stitched the upper edge of the bodice with a decorative stitch.

Next, I moved my attention to the skirt portion. After measuring my desired length, I cut off the excess. Then I created my box pleats.

*A special note: Any time I am adding a skirt to a bodice or attaching a new hem piece or something similar, I always match up the seams first. Then, I match the middles of each side. And so forth. This process makes it so much easier to have everything lined up!*

Then, I pinned the bodice to the skirt and sewed all the way around, leaving about an inch at each side of the back unsewn where the zipper would be placed. Then, I measured to see how far I needed to cut for my zipper and marked it with a pin. After making my cut, I basted the right sides of the back opening together. I ironed the excess open and pinned the zipper in place. I next stitched around the zipper, being careful to not sew too close to it.

This was the original zipper from the skirt. Great save!

Lastly, I attached the hook and loop.

Another save from the original skirt!

Last, I sewed the back of the straps to the facing and tacked the tops to keep the straps from pulling the facing up.

I didn’t have to do anything to the hem because it was already perfect!

Great Detail…same as straps.

So, what do you think?


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