Red Heart Frilly Sashay Scarves Review and Pictures

The Yarn:

Red Heart Sashay

I read some reviews that spoke very negatively of it, saying that there were knots and huge holes in the yarn.  From my experience, I found 1 knots in 5 balls and about 5-6 minor holes (about 4 times larger than the holes are supposed to be) in one ball.  None of these holes caused me any trouble, and the scarves turned out marvelous.

The Pattern:

Frilly Crochet Scarf (click on “DOWNLOAD printable instructions” below the picture)

Here are the scarves I have made:

Variation: The Tango scarf was done with four stitches per row as opposed to five, thus causing the swirly effect.  I did this on accident, but thought that it looked pretty and kept going.

I’ve also made a chain scarf with this yarn.  You can find more information here.

Sashay Chain Scarf

Sashay Chain Scarf

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