Some of my favorite recipes are those I’ve found online.  Check out my Pinterest page YUMMY! Recipes I’ve Tried!  Many of them have my notes or thoughts about the recipe written under the pin.


How to Plan Meals on a Budget

  PLANNING MEALS WILL SAVE YOU $$ AND HEADACHES Here is a more in-depth look into my weekly meal planning routine. I hope my method will help you save money, eat better, and waste less. It will also help you avoid those “OH, NO…I have nothing to fix for dinner” moments!

Friday is Homemade Pizza Night

Making homemade pizza is fun and easy, and it can be budget-friendly! Why not try making homemade pizza for supper this Friday night? My husband and I have been for the past couple of months and thoroughly enjoy it! Some benefits to making homemade pizza are:

Dark Chocolate Chess Pie

Chocolate chess pie is a delicious southern staple pie.  It’s absolutely the most deliciously decadent and intensely chocolate experience I think one can have in a pie.  It is delicately crusty on top with a velvety chocolate custard inside.  It’s also one of my husband’s favorite pies and very easy to make. A friend at … Continue reading Dark Chocolate Chess Pie

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