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Lili and Mum’s is made up of the mother-daughter team of J.C. (Mum) and Elizabeth (Lili).  While we both contribute to the shop, Elizabeth runs all the technical things.  I love to share tips about working with fiber, crafting, and food!  I welcome comments, questions, and reblogs, as long as they are respectful.  If you are interesting in learning about Jesus and His church in a Bible study, please feel free to email me at chocolatelily713@gmail.com.  Another great option is to check out this online Bible video series: Searching for Truth.  Thank you for your interest and have a blessed day!



Lili & Mum’s is owned and operated by the daughter-mother team of Elizabeth (Lili) and JC (Mum). Our slogan “Affordable Handmade Luxuries” is the core of our business. We strive to handcraft little luxuries that will bring a smile to your face every time you use or wear them and turn your everyday grind into something special. We desire to offer our pieces to you at affordable prices, so that many may enjoy them.  In a spirit of thriftiness and consciousness, we use both recycled and new materials in our work.

Our family’s love of arts and crafts goes back more than three lifetimes. Elizabeth’s great-grandmother Cordella Elizabeth possessed one of the first sewing machines in the area and people would come from miles around to see it. For over 96 years, her daughter Lucy (our mother and grandmother) passed on her love for crochet and sewing as well as her love for the Lord and His church to her family and friends.

While crochet is our favorite handicraft, we both also love to sew and knit. Mum is a skilled treasure hunter, finding items which we incorporate into our pieces. She delights in finding handwork done by women before us. She can imagine a story of those women in each piece. She also loves drawing and other art forms. Elizabeth, a lover of all kinds of art, especially likes weaving, other fiber arts, drawing, and painting.

Thank you for visiting Lili & Mum’s and perusing our “Affordable Handmade Luxuries.” Come back often to see our newest creations!

Elizabeth has written under the pseudonym ChocolateLily.


We work hard to create and curate the content you see here! All photos and information on our site were created by us and are our personal property, unless they are otherwise credited. If you would like to share any of our photos, please give us due credit by linking back to our website. If you would like to share any of our original information, please provide a link to our website rather than copying and pasting the text elsewhere. If you want to share a recipe, please give proper credit and feel free to adjust or reword it. Let us know you have shared our stuff so we can thank you. Thanks a bunch!

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