Highlight of Christian Resources – SearchingforTruth.org

I added the link to a website I highly recommend called Searching for Truth to Our Story page a while back, but I wanted to take a minute to highlight it.  It’s a well-studied video Bible study series for learning what the Bible says about salvation and the Church.

It seems that there are so many religious groups with differing beliefs about the Bible, salvation, and the Church that many people just give up on religion altogether.  Well, instead of giving up or settling, why not study the Bible?  Let’s all go back to the Bible and see what it says – not what people have added to or taken away from it.  Sticking with simple Biblical truth sure would solve a lot of problems in the religious world today, wouldn’t it?

If you have any questions about the video series, they have a link on their site where you can submit questions via email.


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