Mario and Peach – Cutest Couple Costume (How-to)

Mario & Princess Peach Costumes

“It’s-a me, Mario, and my Princess-a Peach!”

My husband is a HUGE Mario fan, so for Halloween one year in college, we dressed up as Mario and Peach. His costume was mostly store-bought, while mine was mostly handmade. On this page, we’ll show you how to make your own Mario and/or Peach costume.

I’ve also included some homemade prop ideas, such as a Goomba Trunk-or-Treat car decoration and homemade Mario’s power-ups.

Note: For Peach’s costume, you will need to have intermediate sewing skills or know someone who does and loves you very much.

Let’s-a start with-a Mario, my Italian plumber.

Creation Museum, Anniversary, and Halloween 052My Mario also loves his spa-ghetti and-a meatballs!

Mario’s costume is relatively simple when you break it down:

– Blue (jean) overalls
– Long-sleeved red shirt
– Brown slip-on work boots
– White gloves
– Famous Red cap with a red “M” on it

Mario also sports a lovely black mustache and often carries a plunger (since he’s a plumber.)

Most of these items can be easily bought in a store. Here’s where we got ours:

– Overalls: Tractor Supply Company
– Red Shirt: Goodwill
– Brown boots: Walmart (I think)
– Gloves: online
– Red cap: online
– ”M” for cap: craft store (it’s actually an upside-down “W”) with a white fabric circle behind it
– Mustache: CRAFT PROJECT! 🙂
– Plunger: Walmart…buy a new one, please…and don’t EVER use it for…you know…plumber business

Mario-stache – How to make your own!

Mario mustache pattern

You will need:

– Black fake fur (about a 6 inch by 2 inch rectangle)
– Scissors
– Basic Mario mustache pattern (right-click and save image above) or ad-lib it yourself
– Glue that is safe for your face (you can find it in the costume section around Halloween)

1. Lay out your fake fur face down.
2. Trace or draw your mustache with white pencil or chalk or something you can see
3. Cut it out (be prepared to have black fur everywhere)
4. Stick it carefully in position with the glue.
5. Admire your new Mario-stache coolness in a mirror, or better yet, let your friends admire it while they try to figure out what’s different about you.

DIY Power-Ups (and a couple store-bought ones thrown into the mix)

My “non-crafter” husband made these all by himself, so you can too!


Clockwise from top left: Super Mushroom (red), Fire Flower, 1-Up Mushroom (green), and Star.  The Fire Flower has 3 “fire balls” also known as orange bouncy balls.

Fire Flower: Use orange, yellow, white, green and black foam sheets and hot glue.

1-Up Mushroom: Use green, white, and black foam sheets and hot glue.

Super Mushroom: Use red, white, and black foam sheets and hot glue.

Star: Use yellow and black foam sheets and hot glue.

1-Up candies, available for purchase at many candy stores.

 “Thank you, but our princess is in another castle…Just kidding.”

Creation Museum, Anniversary, and Halloween 055Overview of my Princess Peach costume

Since bubble-gum pink ball gowns are easy to come by, I just popped down to my local mall and…not even close. Even though this dress and I had a few fights, I am happy with how it turned out. I chose the dress Peach wore in Mario Galaxy as my inspiration.

First of all, Peach’s costume is not composed of run-of-the-mill items like Mario’s. I had to break it up and make at least 75% of it by hand and on my sewing machine. Here’s the costume breakdown:

– Bubble-gum pink ball gown-style dress with hot pink scalloped trim at the neck, hot pink flat banding on sleeves, and hot pink trim on the hem
– A hot pink peplum
A hoop skirt (purchased online)
– Long white formal gloves (purchased online)
– A turquoise/teal and gold medallion of sorts
– Large round teal earrings (Walmart)
– A small, golden and bejeweled crown
– Hot pink dress shoes (bought)
– A pink parasol (purchased online)
A frying pan (optional) (borrowed)

Now for the fun part: Making the costume!

While I am not going to take you step-by-step through sewing this dress, I will do my best to point you in the right direction. If you have sewn more than a straight line, I’d say you can give it a shot. I will warn you that a piece this size will try your patience.

First of all, you will need a couple of patterns.  Here are the two patterns I used to make my dress.

Pattern 1: McCall’s M4948 (Dress)
Pattern 2: McCall’s M5498 (Peplum)

In pattern 1, I used the following elements of the E dress pattern (refer to pattern piece list):

1. Bodice Front
2. Bodice Back
3. Sleeve
4. Skirt Back
5. Skirt Front
7. Sleeve band

I did not make an over-skirt.

In pattern 2, I used the pattern piece #5 for the peplum only.

Use pattern 1 to make the basic dress E, but replace the long sleeves with the sleeve bands. Do not make the overskirt or the applique.

Use pattern 2 to make the peplum, adding a snap closure and leaving off the medallion.

For the hem trim, I used satin blanket binding. I forgot to hem the dress prior to adding the binding, thus it was a little long. Please learn from my mistake and hem your skirt before adding the binding.

You will need to add the scallops next. They’re in the next section.

“Sweet” Scallops

Creation Museum, Anniversary, and Halloween 053 - Copy

How to make the scallops for the Peach dress

The finishing touch on your dress will be 8 scallops at the neckline. They are basically half-circles with a seam allowance (they look like a wide “D”).

Instead of making one pattern and cutting out each piece, I made a long chain of 8 half circles using a drinking glass at the top of a strip that served as the seam allowance. I used 2 pieces of printer paper taped together. The seam allowance band was 3/4 inches wide and 22 3/4 inches long. Each half-circle was 1 3/8 inches tall. See photo below.

Use this example to cut out 2 pieces from your hot pink fabric and one piece from fusible interfacing. After you cut them out, cut each scallop “D” apart.

Next, place two hot pink pieces with their right sides together and one piece of interfacing on top. Stitch each one carefully all the way around. Turn and press.

Pin them onto your neckline, making sure to place two at the front on either side of the middle. In order to have a nice neckline seam, sew them all on at once.

And there you have your Princess Peach dress!

Now for the accessories…

Royal Jewels – Crown

Creation Museum, Anniversary, and Halloween 041 - Copy - Copy (2)

The Mushroom King would never know it was handmade.

Princess Peach has a small crown perched on top of her head that never moves, despite being kidnapped by Bowser numerous times. I, on the other hand have to use a few bobby pins.

You will need:
– 1 (or 2) sheet of Yellow foam
– Brown marker/sharpie
– 4 about 1 inch tall Plastic Jewels
– 2 Metal hair combs (make-your-own hair accessories style)
– A basic crown pattern with 4 points
– Hot glue gun and glue
– Strait edge

First, make a basic 4 pointed crown pattern. Either one point must be centered in the front, while the back point will be your seam or the seam can be at the junction of two low points. Mine was the latter. Just remember, when you wear it, a point must be in the front.

Use the pattern to cut out a crown from the foam.

Draw a straight line in the middle from end to end with the straight edge and the brown marker.

Use the jewels as guides to make some ovals 1/4 inch larger than each jewel.

Position and hot glue the ovals and jewels centered on the line and centered with the points.

Hot glue the hair combs to the base of the crown.


Royal Jewels – Broach

Creation Museum, Anniversary, and Halloween 041 - Copy - Copy

Easy to make, but don’t tell the Mushroom King!

Peach wears this rather interesting large teal and gold broach right in the middle of her chest. Here’s how I made mine:

– 1 medium-sized paper mache egg, cut in half vertically with a box cutter
– Teal acrylic paint
– Yellow foam sheet
– Broach pin or 2
– Hot glue gun and glue

Carefully cut (or have Mario do it) your paper mache egg in half vertically.

Paint one half teal and save the other half for another project. Let dry.

Place egg on the foam sheet and trace a line about 1/2 to 3/4 inch around the egg. Cut it out and, if there are pencil marks, turn it over or trim them off.

Position and hot glue the “jewel” onto the foam.

Hot glue the pin(s) onto the back of the foam. I have 2 pins to keep it steady – one at the top and one at the bottom.

A Quick Note on the Earrings


Note: My computer shows them darker than they really are. They are a medium teal.

I was lucky enough to find a perfect pair of earrings at Walmart. You may also need to do some searching in inexpensive jewelry stores, like Walmart, Target, Claire’s, or Charming Charlie. You could also make your own if you are so inclined. If you do find some or make some, let me know about it in the comments. I may share your suggestion or idea on this page!

I’m Goomba eat you!


Goomba Trunk or Treat Car Decoration

A few years after our first appearance as Mario and Peach, we dressed up again for the church’s Trunk or Treat party. We came up with the idea of having the kids reach through a goomba’s mouth to get their candy. Most of the kids took it well, but a few of the little ones were scared at first. They warmed up when Princess Peach and Mario showed them it was okay.

To make your own, you’ll need:
– Cardboard
– White poster-board
– Black markers/sharpies
– Brown markers
– Scissors
– Box cutter (be careful!)
– Glue

You will need to draw out a goomba shape, which is a rounded triangle onto the cardboard. Below the bottom center, draw a curved rectangle (the white area below his mouth.) Add two ovular feet. Cut out Mr. Goomba carefully.

Next, draw and color two eyes, two eyebrows, two teeth/fangs, and one white piece the same size as the curved rectangle from above (you could even do this first as a pattern.) Color his feet brown.

Draw and cut out his mouth, then glue everything into place.

We hung a black sheet behind him for a background and put the candy in a bowl behind his mouth.

Best Costume Award

Fuzzy Pic!

The picture is a little fuzzy, but we tied for Best Costume at the Trunk or Treat!

Have you dressed up as Mario and/or Peach?  Questions?  Just ask – It’s been a while, but I’ll try to help!


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