Big Changes at Lili & Mum’s Blog!

After about 2 weeks, I’ve finally finished working on a big change to our blog.  I’ve completely reformatted it into a website!  Here’s an overview of the changes:

  • The overall look of our site has changed to look more like a website.  I’ve decluttered a lot and really worked on streamlining the whole site.
  • The front page welcomes you with a note about our philosophy of sharing and inspiring.
  • Each type of craft we currently feature (crafts, crochet, refashions, sewing, and weaving), as well as food tips/recipes, customer photos, our project gallery, blog posts, and our story, can now be accessed via the easy-to-find menu below the header. If you click on the category names in the links with drop down menus, you will be sent to a page which shows previews and a photo of all the pages in that category.
  • The bottom of each page features a search box, our top 6 posts, a link to our Etsy shop, a 10% off coupon code just for blog readers, a link to R16:16 (a Christian directory we belong to), an email follow button, our credits and sharing policy, and the Internet Defense League kitty.
  • All of our social media links and a link to our Etsy profile are in the lavender circles at the very bottom.
  • I’ve gone through all of our blog posts and turned the best of them into pages.  Most of the rest have been deleted or unpublished.
  • I left the most popular posts intact, but I’ve edited and reformatted them as needed so you can still use those links.
  • Blog posts will now be used to let you know about new content, as well as sales, shop news, and miscellaneous things.
  • All of our projects can now be seen in the Gallery rather than on individual pages.

Now, I’d love it if you would take some time out of your busy days to explore our site and give me any feedback you might have.  It’s a big change, but I think it will be for the best.  This way, I can focus on providing the best content I can without worrying about how often I can post.  I still have Squidoo articles I plan to transfer, and I’m looking forward to sharing my newbie knitting projects.  I hope you enjoy our new website format and continue to find our site useful and inspiring!

Thanks so much!



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