January 2014 Newsletter



Happy New Year and Happy Lunar New Year!


What’s New at Lili & Mum’s in 2014?

Due to my desire to simplify my life in and out of the shop, I’m making some changes to Lili & Mum’s.  The change which will affect you has to do with my blog posts.  I’ve decided it would be better to send you a monthly newsletter post which gathers together all of the news, Squidoo posts, and other information from the previous month.  I hope this will also be more convenient for you.  I’d love to have your feedback on the new format.

In the new year, I’m going to focus more on Squidoo because I genuinely enjoy it more than blogging.  It’s a much better platform for my writing style and ambitions.  I hope you will continue to enjoy those articles as well.

Finally, in the new year, I am also LEARNING TO WEAVE on a rigid heddle loom!  I’ve wanted to do this for a good number of years, and it’s finally happening.  I’ll be putting more of my time into my weaving and crocheting.

So, I hope you will enjoy the new format and my first newsletter.



I hadn’t really kept up with color trends in the past, and in fact, I’m usually a year or two ahead of the trends (but not a trend setter).  I just wear what I like.  The Pantone Color of the Year was just a blip on my radar screen a few times before some of you mentioned it last year.  So, now I’m paying attention and will be trying to incorporate these predicted-as-popular colors into our stock and my wardrobe this year:

Pantone Color of the Year 2014: Radiant Orchid

This is great as purple is my favorite color!

Lion Brand Yarn’s Predicted New Go-to Neutral: Gray

The funny thing about grey is that it’s been my go-to new neutral for the past 2+ years.  See, ahead of the trends.  :)



I’ve made a little matching hat to go with the lavender cocoon and included it at no additional charge.  Visit the listing here.

Lavender Hat and Cocoon Set



I reached my 6 month anniversary on the 10th!

Chocolate Squids: A Story of a Wannabe Writer, a Stressful Year, and New-Found Success

A summary of my 2013 Squidoo accomplishments in response to a quest about an accomplishment in 2013.

ChocolateLily’s Meal Planning on a Budget 

I’m expanding my grocery budgeting series with an installment on how I plan our meals each week.

I’m also working on a two-part series chronicling our 2008 road trip to the Western U.S.  I’ve finished part one, but as part two is still in the works, I’m holding back on posting it here.



Here are some photos of the projects I’ve worked on and completed this month.  Click on the photos for more information:



The 7 Wonders of the Yarn World – revealed!



As I wrap up this first newsletter, I’m a little nervous that I’ve forgotten something.  Do let me know what you think about this newsletter style.  I am really looking forward to this year.  I have a positive feeling about it.  Thank you to all of my new and old blogging friends for your friendship and support this past year.  You are all real gems!

Here’s a 10% coupon code for all my blog readers: BLOG10

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6 thoughts on “January 2014 Newsletter

  1. Good Luck with the changes you are making to your blog posts – I too have decided to ‘cut down’ on posting as it feels like it can take control of your life! If you give yourself ‘permission’ to make a change, you won’t feel guilty about it so hopefully you are now enjoying your other pursuits. I look forward to your next newsletter and thanks for reminding me about Pantone – it’s always something I forget to check out too! Cath x

    1. Thanks for your feedback and for your Squidoo visits! Yeah, I think I like the format. I may have some other things scattered in between if they arise.

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