Refashions #9: My Chic New Dress from a Large Pair of Linen Blend Pants

I started with these BIG pants:

Big Pants!

I really liked the material, which is soft and has a nice pattern.

I found this idea on Pinterest, but I was unable to find the original webpage.  It’s basically four long rectangles sewn together at the shoulders, down the front, and the sides, leaving openings for a “V” neck and arm holes.  The four pieces of the legs made this perfect.  I just had to turn the material upside down so that the widest parts were at the bottom.

Here is the result:

Refashioned Dress from Linen Pants

Instead of doing the recommended elastic zigzag at the waist, I made a belt out of the lining of a skirt I refashioned into a purse.  I also made a little flower out of the scraps and two buttons.

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Refashions #9: My Chic New Dress from a Large Pair of Linen Blend Pants

  1. Judy@grandparentsplus2 says:

    I love repurposing. We make beautiful fabric coiled baskets out of sheets we buy at local Goodwill or Salvation Army stores. If you go into one of those stores with an open mind and just look at the fabric, it is truly amazing what is available. You did good!

    • Elizabeth - Lili & Mum's says:

      I do too! I think it is more gratifying to make something out of limited resources rather than buying all the stuff you need new at the craft store. I’ve seen your baskets in your Etsy store. They are very pretty! My Mom is the one who goes hunting for us. She just loves that part of the process. Thank you!

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