Bead Wreath Ornament

Christmas Craft 4: Bead Wreath Ornament



  • Green beads strung onto wires
  • Narrow Red Satin Ribbon
  • Hot glue gun – be careful!


1. Choose three beaded wires which are the same length.

2. Twist them together starting in the middle. Make sure the beads don’t fall off the ends.

3. Form a circle and twist the ends together.  Bend the ends under.

4. Leaving enough ribbon to tie the hanger, wrap the ribbon around the wreath.  Tack any wayward ribbon with the hot glue gun as you go.  I wrapped mine around twice in two different directions, thus forming the pattern above.

5. Trim the end of the ribbon and tie the ribbon to the wreath.  You can also attach a separate hanger.

6. Tie the ends of the ribbons together to form the hanger.

7. Hang it on your tree!

How do you make a wreath ornament?  Let me know if you make this one!


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