Floral and Girly Bible Case for Me :)

Here’s a shot of my old handmade case.  The felt wasn’t the best idea as it pills and gets kind of ratty looking.

For my new case, I chose fabrics from my stash which are thicker, good quality materials.  The outer is canvas, while the lining is an upholstery fabric.

I really liked the shape of my previous case, so I just mimicked it.  For my Bible, the pattern was simple.  The body is the size of a piece of copy paper, and the curved flap was made using half of a small plate.  

I chose to add a separate pen holder to the interior of the flap on my new case.

I had another button picked out, but due to a brain lapse, made the button-hole to small for it.  Oh well, I like this vintage recycled stone button.


After using it for a while, I’d like to make another one which is a little bigger since I keep some other papers and booklets in it.  Otherwise, it’s been a sturdy little case.

What do you think?


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