How to Make a Scrap Flower Pin or Hair Clip

I just love cute projects that I can complete in one sitting. If you are like me, you keep almost all of your scraps from various sewing projects. Often, I don’t have enough to make much of anything, but I just can’t get rid of my pretty fabric pieces. Well, this how-to project is a flower pin made of fabric scraps and a button, much like this one:

First, gather the items you need: one, two, three (or more) patterns of scrap fabric, coordinating thread, scissors, needle, straight pins, a pretty button, and a pin for the back (or a hair clip).

You may recognize the right most fabrics from my skirt to purse redo.

First, cut out at least three differing sized circles. I like to start with the smallest circle in the most interesting fabric. Then, lay the small circle on the second contrasting fabric, pin the middle to keep it stable, and cut out a circle about 1/2 inch or so wider than the first circle. Follow this method for each subsequent, larger circle. Here’s what you should have now:

For this pin, the edges stay raw. It makes it simple and adds character.

Next, take the largest circle and fold it over in the middle as shown:

Now, fold it the same way in the perpendicular direction, like so:

Here it is pinned in the middle:

Next, thread your needle with about 18 inches of thread, double it, and tie the ends together. This way it will be more sturdy. Starting at the back of the pinched circle, tack the folds. After going from front to back, I like to bring my needle and thread in between the two pieces of thread above the knot so that my knot doesn’t slip through the fabric.

Now, fold your middle circle the same way as the first (sorry about the fuzzy picture):

Attach the middle circle to the back circle:

Next, fold the smallest circle like the others and attach it to the other circles (another fuzzy pic):

Now, sew on your button. You could hot glue it, but I prefer sewing because the thread shows on the button and adds more detail and pizzazz.

There are different ways to cross your thread in a four-hole button. For the first one I made (first picture), I crossed them. In the one in this tutorial, I made a square. You decide and make it your own.

The last step is to attach the pin (or hair clip to the back). I prefer to sew it on, rather than hot glue, as it is more sturdy.

And you’re done! A pretty and unique accessory in about 30 or less minutes (it took me longer to write the tutorial)!

Creativity Tips: Try different shapes and different types of fabrics. Add multiple buttons. Make them in different sizes.

Easy and cute! So, what do you think?


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